Groove Overdrive Happy inspirational dance track sing along topline
Flute in da House Funky flute over driving funky groove
Feel Good Factor Happy dance groove uplifting energetic inspirational 
Excelsior High energy driving techno track big kicks stabbing synth 
Smoking Synth Hip Hop with a smokey upbeat electro dance groove
Big Sleazy Deep Hip Hop with rasping synth sounds
Give Me More Deep House cutting edge repetitive rhythmic female vocal 
Acid Horns Trumpets saxophone congas groovy dance beat
Sun Will Shine Upbeat, motivational funky guitar chords rhythmic congas
Slap N Tickle Heavy slap funk with frantic wah-guitar over a driving beat
Check Me Out Funky laid back guitar over a driving beat
Flute in da House Vocals Funky flute over driving funky groove
Electro Ska Ska Blue Beat with a touch of Madness upbeat cheeky joyful
Goldie Dub Step track with an extreme sports feel
Yellow Rays Upbeat Ska track melodic guitar with offbeat chords
Sunrasier Electro pop positive house groove uplifting energetic
Sun Beams House track with energetic synth and hard hitting sports feel
Orange Light Cool exotic jazzy saxophone with flute trumpets and piano  
Green Flag Upbeat happy pop dance track with a positive energetic feel
Back to Back Fast and funky wah guitar dynamic bass percussion.
City Sky Contemporary hip hop track with heavy guitars cutting edge
Sand and Sea Caribbean Calypso music with a tropical chill out vibe
Live The Life Bright optimistic builds quickly to a uplifting driving beat
Outburst Dark anthemic heavy kick drum and lead synth 
Rub a Dub Dub step beats with a catchy top line
Private Eye Choppy synth lead and rhythmic pulsing beat and horns
Pulsing Emotions  Kraftwerk inspired electro roboticdance machines
Hot Pursuit Euro sport style track with synth lead line
Shine On Fast moving, happy house dance track with techno stabs

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