Guitar Tracks

Midday Sun Cafe del mar-style melodic holiday track with Spanish guitar 
Strange Encounters Spooky weird guitar
Wild Man Grunge rock  with smooth guitar licks 
Lonely Guitar Sad wailing epic guitar
Outer Space Very atmospheric film score track
Renaissance Cowboy Western style dark and moody feel
Rain Drop Strange weird unusual guitar sounds
Slide Shift Avant-garde quirky curious guitar sounds
Power House Heavy power chords fast moving
Heavy Hendrix Rock & Roll fast guitar playing
Two Tones Power Chords driving beat with melodic topline
Let’s Go Drum & Bass melodic guitar line over the top
Running Scared Sporty style track with continuous guitar riff
Arabian Dance Drum & Bass with backward guitar
The Melon Man Cool electronic track lots of guitar delay synth choir
Sailing Days Sailing without a care in the world
Flower Garden Time for spending a lazy day in the garden
Laid Back and Vocal  Dreamy female vocals with relaxing guitar picking.
Falling in Love Slow romantic track
Summer Air Chilled out summer’s day
Free Way Cruise Cool USA drive time vibes mid tempo track  
Keep on Going Driving beat with guitar riff
Carnival Jump Caribbean calypso music steel pans whistles trumpets
Hurdy Gurdy Stomp Fast Celtic dance with beating drums
Stirred Up Reggae track with saxophone guitar riffs and incidental guitar
Tequila Sunrise Cool and laidback with acoustic guitar and conga beats
Holiday Breeze Rhythmic beat with a tuneful guitar and female vocals

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